Some of The Services We Offer Buyers

Honest Communication

Continuous Follow Up

Full Knowledge Of The Real Estate Market

Consistent Checking Of The MLS System For New Listings

Networking With Fellow Agents To Find Potential Homes

Automatic Email System

Negotiation Skills On Your Behalf

Help You Choose A Mortgage Broker / Bank and Get Pre-Approved If Not Already. This Helps Guarantee Interest Rates

Help You Find The Perfect Home For You And Your Family

Make An Offer On Your Chosen Property And Negotiate To Get You The Best Price And Terms

Arrange Water Testing

Help You Find The Right Home Insurance Needed

Review And Advise On Any Documents Received

Choose A Lawyer To Transfer The Deed

Send All Documents To Appropriate Persons To Complete The Sale

Provision of List of Costs The Can Be Expected

Provide a List of Contacts To Help Set Up Your New Home

Day Before of Day Of Closing, Co-ordiante a Final Walk Through to Ensure The Home Is In The Same Condition As Expected

Keep In Contact With Lawyer On Day Of Close To Receive Keys

Help You Choose The Right Inspector. Meet With You And The Inspector To Review The Findings